The tree house

Architectural and interior design - Designs by Brenda Ceurvorst , Contractor and custom woodwork - Macik Custom Woodworking & Contracting LLC

Written by: Joan Pearlstein Dunn

The foundation of Brenda’s Arts and Crafts-style home truly is the custom woodworking that was all created from timber cut from the property. Maple, white oak and cherry trees were all harvested by one man who came to saw down the trees, haul the logs to the barn, and then begin the painstaking project of cutting them into pieces. After four months of drying, the wood went into a kiln before landing in a mill shop where it was prepared for indoor use. Because Brenda used wood from her property, it vastly cut-down on the environmental impact of the project. Her woodwork and cabinetry wasn’t manufactured in a large factory and it didn’t have to be shipped across the United States. Most of the work was completed on-site.

Orrin Macik of Macik Custom Wood­working & Contracting LLC was brought in for the vast undertaking of transforming this wood into a work of art. Years of experience and an understanding of the challenges that lay ahead made his company a perfect fit for Brenda’s plans.

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