How to design an exercise room

Written by: Stephanie Aurora Lewis

Whether designing an exercise room is an act of motivation or obligation, the following text should spark some inspiration.

“Many people like the idea of having an exercise room at home because they do not have very much time in their day. Yet, they understand and appreciate the way that exercising every day helps them out a great deal. Having a home exercise room makes it a lot easier for my busy clients to accomplish a great deal and to be super focused at the same time,” says Peter McCall, American Council on Exercise (ACE) Certified Trainer and Spokesperson for ACE.

Exercise room design is going to a higher level as well with great consideration put into making it more than a practical space, but one that is completely uplifting and peaceful. “I currently see a trend taking place in residential design, where exercise rooms are occupying more prime locations (with great views) rather than occupying a space that feels more like an after-thought,”  says Kathryn Fallet, an Ohio-registered architect who has a background in residential design.

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