Lighting: Q&A

Lighting ideas run the gamut, everything from flashy chandeliers and lamps to modest ceiling lights that shine demurely on a room. 

Gorgeous lighting over a kitchen island

So how do you know just what's right for your space? It's simple, check out our FREE Lighting Guide and get the pros and cons of various bulbs and lighting styles.

The FREE Lighting Guide brought to you by the Housetrends staff will answer these questions and much, much more!

What is the best kind of bulb to use for energy efficiency?

There are three different kind of bulbs available, all with varying styles and qualities, including energy efficiency. Read the pros and cons of each, or check out the easy to follow three-way comparison chart! 

I want to incorporate a dimmer switch…what kind of bulb do I use?

The ability to control the amount of light in any given space is in high demand, but not every bulb was designed for that. Find out how to select the right bulb for your home! 

We all say it, but what exactly is LED?

It seems like this term has become so pedestrian, but what makes this type of bulb so exceptional? It could be the life-span, or the design, or any number of lovable features. Check them all out and decide for yourself!

More questions?

Browse the spaces below, request our FREE Lighting Guide, or get in touch with one of our lighting professionals. We’re here to get you the answers you need!

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