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Garden ideas vary; everything depends on the homeowner. Perhaps you’d like to sit and have tea in a formal English garden or maybe you’d like something a bit more natural looking? The possibilities are endless! One thing is for certain though, no matter what kind of design you prefer, everybody loves playing host to colorful birds, it shows that your hard work is appreciated and adds to the peaceful ambiance of the space.

Check out our FREE Garden Ideas Guide to see eight tips for tempting hummingbirds.

Free Guide: Garden ideas to attract hummingbirds

The FREE Garden Ideas Guide from the team at Housetrends will answer these questions and more:

Which do hummingbirds prefer...feeders or flowers?

Both feeders and flowers will attract hummingbirds, but one does the job better than the other. Flip through the FREE guide and find out which!

What kind of flowers should I plant to attract hummingbirds?

There's a difference between planting flowers that you enjoy looking at and flowers that will attract your flying friends. Check out the guide for a list of the best flowers to attract hummingbirds.

Will yard accessories attract or deter hummingbirds?

Hummingbirds don't like wide open spaces, so yard art and accessories can help that out, but there's one thing in particular that will draw them to your yard.

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