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It's a major leap of faith to design a dining room. How do you know how large of a table to use? And just how many chairs should go around that table? What about a light fixture? Should it be a statement piece, or just blend in? If questions like these have been buzzing around your brain, be sure to check out our FREE Dining Room Measurement Guide.

Free Dining Room Measurement Guide from Housetrends magazine

The FREE Dining Room Measurement Guide from the team at Housetrends will answer these questions and more:

What shape should my dining room table be?

Square, rectangular and round, dining room tables come in all shapes and sizes. What's important to remember when selecting a table is that the table shape needs to complement the overall shape of the room. Check out the Guide for more detailed information on which table shapes pair with which room shapes.

What kind of chairs should I pair with my table?

Dining room chairs are a great way to add a little creativity and personality to your space. Feel free to mix and match patterns, or do away with some chairs completely. Whatever you do, just make sure that you have them positioned correctly so guests aren't constantly bumping elbows. Scroll through the FREE Dining Room Measurement Guide to find out how tall your chairs should be and just how they should be placed around the table.

What kind of light fixture should I put in my dining room?

There is an almost scary number of light fixtures available today, everything from elegant chandeliers to walls sconces and subtle lamps. If you love the idea of a statement piece, go for it, but make sure to tone down the rest of your dining room design so the overall effect isn't overwhelming to guests. Take a look at our FREE Dining Room Measurement Guide to find out the recommended size for dining room lighting and the correct height to position your light fixture.

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