Bathroom sinks and faucets: Q & A

There are sleek faucets and bulky bathroom sinks, faucets with elegant designs and sinks that pay homage to eras long gone. Bathroom sinks and faucets tell a story about the space, what will yours say?

A bathroom sink tells a story of elegance and sophistication in this home

Think that you're ready to move forward with your project? Check out our local pros page to find a professional in your area! Need some more time to wrap your head around all of the options? Check out our ideas page for inspiration! Or maybe you need a little more information? Our FREE Guide To Bathroom Faucets is just the thing for you!

The FREE Guide To Bathroom Faucets from the team at Housetrends will answer these questions and more:

What is faucet consideration, and why exactly does it matter?

Faucet consideration is actually a pretty simple concept, it's how the faucet is mounted in your bath. However, there are several factors that play into this, and getting it just right is extremely important. Find out what the factors in our FREE Guide To Bathroom Faucets.

Why does the inside of a faucet matter just as much as the outside?

Faucets hace an inner valve that controls the flow of water, and boy, does that valve make a difference to the internal structure of your faucet. Take a look at out FREE Guide To Bathroom Faucets to see which type of faucet is the most durable.

What's the best faucet finish for my space?

The finish of your faucet really tops off your bathroom design. Does it give off a Tuscan vibe? A contemporary feel? Or maybe just a traditional look? Check out our FREE Guide To Bathroom Faucets to find the right finish for your faucet!


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